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Burmillas | Tiffanies | Somalis

We currently have usual and usual tortie Somali kittens and a silver boy whose mum is a Somali and dad is a Tiffanie, all ready now, as well as siblings black shaded silver Tiffanie boy,  a black silver Burmilla boy and a brown Asian girl (looks just like brown Burmese).    All kittens are of course wormed, flea-treated and litter trained and come with a pedigree certificate showing four generations of registered pedigree cats.


We also have young adults available for rehoming when we feel it is in their best interests. We are winding-down due to failing health and age and feel it is in their best interests to go to a new home where they will have individual attention and be part of the family.   However, failing suitable homes being available they will stay with us.   All cats offered for rehoming are neutered and micro-chipped and available for a small token payment to cover expenses.    



Please get in touch for full details and photos.

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