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"She is doing beautifully and none of us can remember what life, or our home was like before our gorgeous girl.  She really is full of beans and personality and relentless. She is also a real soppy sweetheart and cuddles up on a lap for a nice snuggle lots of times day or night. She sleeps on the bed with us and is very generous with her kisses and everyone who meets her falls in love with our beautiful baby.  Thank you so much for our baby she really is a joy and it is a privilege to have her live in our home with us."   FD, Hants



Seysiana Callietorres

Sorrel Somali

"Thought you would like to see a couple of photos I have just taken of Tori.  Hope you can see how good her coat is, it shines beautifully, and look at those gorgeous green eyes." PG, Maidstone

" I have had her eight weeks today and I adore her.  She now comes up to bed at night and curls up at my feet.  It is as if she has always been here.  You did an excellent job raising her Lynsey, she is so lovable and loves kisses and cuddles."

Luna IMG_0041 20150216_110013_resized photo cropped

Auralia and Bella

"They are beyond gorgeous looking cats but besides that, their temperaments are so beautiful. Such a credit to you.  Every time I look at Auralia and Bella, I feel so grateful to you. They have given us so much joy and love.  We just love them to bits." A & CS, Basingstoke

"Our adorable boy is still running around doing baby cat things. He talks to us all the time so we always know when he's coming or up to mischief. He is still gorgeous and cuddly and we all love him to bits." GA, Andover

"He is so loving and all the cats and dogs adore him."

P1030225 jackson

Jackson: Tiffanie

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saffeira tiffanie and max somali cropped

Sapheira (Tiffanie) and Max (Somali) went to live in Melbourne, Australia.

Sapphiera and Max

"Just to say he's settling in brilliantly - he's a fabulous cat, lovely personality. He's so friendly, doesn't seem to worry about how many people come to play with him - the more the merrier.   He is sooooo friendly with everyone, cuddles up to them, sits on our shoulders like a parrot, and climbs all over everything and plays brilliantly, although he's happiest snuggled up on someone's lap.  Certainly a very special person."  JB, Bucks.

"Such characters, and such pleasures to watch and play with. Once again, I have to say what a credit they are to you. Simply wonderful babies.  I'm surprised that they are such lap cats at such a young age. It's just lovely!" CB, Birmingham

Evie black shaded silver female, cb birmingham 1 cropped cb birmingham 2 cropped coosans

"He is simply gorgeous with the sweetest personality you could ever wish for. Everyone loves Coo Coo!!!      So is little Koeishto, who every girl who meets him says they want to steal him, he is so adorable. All your boys are so lovely."

MR, Suffolk

Heart red small


Coosans Katahn

Black Shaded Silver Tiffanie

"Just thought I'd send you a brief update on Indie (aka Mr Gorgeous).  Can't believe how lucky we are, Indie has fitted right in.  It took him all of 30 minutes to settle in and declare he was here to stay and everyone else has to answer to him!


It's so amusing watching him put the big boys in their place.  He certainly doesn't take any prisoners.  He's so loving and gentle but at the same time so full of personality.  What a little charmer he is, everyone who has seen him has fallen in love with him and want to take him home.  I have to check their pockets and bags when they leave.


He's a very relaxed and easy going kitten with a big personality.  He seems to have grown an inch in height and 2 in length - can't believe how fast he has grown in a week.  His coat is getting lighter and more silvery with black tips - he really is absolutely gorgeous.  Can't imagine our home without him." JM, Reading







"We must say that we are totally addicted to Seysiana Cats, having now had four of the most beautiful and loving cats you will ever meet! Curious, bold, loving and adorable doesn't even come close to describing 'Mr. D' as we call him. Every morning, he comes in to wake us up after the alarm goes off, at which point he kisses us awake and purrs until we are ready to face the day, at which point he has cuddles until we need to get up.

He is an absolute love bug and as you can see from the photo, loves to be where we are. If you ever need a companion and do not want a dog, then these cats are absolutely ideal!" A & CS, Basingstoke

Mr. Darcy

Lila and Teddy

Lila and Teddy

"They’re still as lively as ever and are ridiculously confident – I don’t think a single person has left our house yet without commenting that they’d like nothing more than to take them home with them."   BT, London


All photographs on this page by the owners

IMG_0264 IMG_0633 IMG_0619

Dolce, McQueen and Coco

Dolce is 11 and A half and very beautiful and a total advert for the older Tiffanie!!      AJ, London

20171014_192926-1 20171014_193032

"He has settled in really well and is living up to all our hopes and more. He just needs a stroke or to be picked up and he starts putting his head off. He's very cuddly and loves sitting on our knees, being carried about or draping himself around our shoulders. He usually sleeps on my pillow at night but is good as gold and is no disturbance. He is excellent with A. and doesn't mind him stroking or picking him up either."    KG, Northumberland

Sebastian - Chocolate silver Tiffanie.


Hank's first birthday!  A quick email to tell you what a happy, lovely cat he is. We’ve been so grateful having him around for the past nine months and he’s the sweetest little soul. He loves cuddles, chasing flies and playing fetch and waking us in the morning.  He’s the best!


DT, London