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A 14,202 Maxim with spider cropped _DSC2351 Maximus Pussicus Caticus cropped _DSC7430 copy _DSC7447 copy _DSC5847 copy _DSC1205 copy _DSC5793 copy _DSC1197 copy _DSC6722 copy Louie P1020047 Mason cropped Luci Black Ticked Tiffanie DSC_0031 cropped Go to Burmillas Go to Somalis Josie, Jack and E cropped Cats by Lynsey + Thalia Kittens 015 cropped tiffanie cropped IMG_5421 lilly black shaded silver cropped

Photos of some previous Seysiana Tiffanies

Champion Seysiana Edge of Darkness

_PJ82836 copy cropped _PJ82906 copy Tiffanie kitten 8915 Tiffanie1 Tiffanie Mason 316 Tiffanie1with flowers